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Blackjack Trainer - Casino Strategy and Practice app for iPhone and iPad

4.2 ( 7392 ratings )
Games Entertainment Card Casino
Developer: Captivate Labs, Inc.
2.99 USD
Current version: 1.8, last update: 1 year ago
First release : 18 Sep 2012
App size: 32.53 Mb

Learn Pro Blackjack trainer for iPhone and iPad helps you quickly and easily learn basic strategy to boost your confidence, have more fun, and win more often. The app has all of the features you would expect from a premium training application including retina display graphics, game rules, basic strategy flashcards, a blackjack training game, and quick tips. Take a look:

* Flip through simple basic strategy flashcards and learn the correct move to make on any hand. Avoid spending hours fumbling with clumsy blackjack charts.

* Play the entertaining “Test Game” to perfect your skills in a simulated blackjack environment. The game feeds you random hands, lets you determine your move, and records your performance. Play until you score 100% and have proven that you have mastered basic strategy.

* Access powerful “Quick Tips” and get valuable information hand-selected by the Learn Pro Blackjack staff. Once you know the tips you will be able pick out the tables with the best odds, extend your play, and maximize your enjoyment.

* Take advantage of comprehensive app settings including support for Las Vegas, Atlantic City, single and double deck blackjack game rules, and an option to turn on and off late surrender.

* Enjoy vivid, professionally designed graphics that will render beautifully for the retina display on both iPhone and iPad to give you an enjoyable experience for long-lasting use.

* Appreciate the detailed blackjack rules and app instructions that have been prepared to teach you the basics of the game and ensure you can make the best use of the app.

Learn Pro Blackjack is the perfect blackjack trainer for:

- Beginners looking to learn how to play blackjack and utilize basic strategy
- Old-timers looking to brush up on skills.
- Busy professionals that do not want to spend time reading an entire book or who simply want an easy and intuitive way to train for their casino trip
- Travelers looking for an app to learn blackjack on the plane or car ride en route to vacation

Dont get caught at the casino losing a lot of money just to find you needed help with basic strategy. See the screenshots and install this blackjack trainer to begin taking control of your game. Download the Learn Pro Blackjack Trainer app and be a better player right now!

Pros and cons of Blackjack Trainer - Casino Strategy and Practice app for iPhone and iPad

Blackjack Trainer - Casino Strategy and Practice app good for

AC surrender has been broken for a year with no updates to fix the bug Wish it had more playing variations
Ive been scouring the Internet for resources to learn basic strategy for Blackjack. This is by far the best Ive found. It even comes with an iBook!
I really like this; its like a quick pop quiz to keep me sharp.
It really is a good app to help you learn the "Basic Strategy" of Blackjack. Get a better edge on the house by getting this app!
I needed an app that would help me learn the fundamentals of black jack. This app delivered and I find myself using it constantly to improve on my skills. Very well done.
Has really helped me get the basic strategy down. Answers lots of questions. Awesome tool!

Some bad moments

There is no better app to learn blackjack strategy that I could find than this app! Very user-friendly interface to learn and practice. I can tell this was developed by a Blackjack pro!
Right before I went to Vegas I realized I had forgotton basic blackjack strategy. Practicing this App on the plane helped me learn it and I actually didnt lose money this time. Surprisingly, I even gained a little. I dont usually write reviews but this app was worth the money.
Nice simple visuals. Good basics, but for a $4.99 app, I shouldnt be going back and forth to Google to search for terms. Give me a basic glossary. What does it mean to split, double, etc? What moves will require me to bet more? Need more for beginners.
Well worth the money, would love to see some free expansion packs on the real world scenarios.
It had been years since I played blackjack and I needed to relearn basic strategy. This app had me playing perfect hands in a matter of days. After five trips to the local casino, Im actually ahead. (I do use basic money management too.) I cant recommend this app highly enough.
Learned the basic strategy on my way to the casino. Its awesome!

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